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Based in Lviv, Ukraine

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Release date:
10 Nov, 2017

PC (Steam)


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USD $4.99


You are James Garner, a security engineer at Mantis Corp., a leading tech company in weaponry field. You got a usual task to decrypt company files. Unusual is that these files contain bizarre chat. Things become weirder when you realize that your job is to “hack love story.”

Why is this so important for Mantis? What can be hidden in someone's conversation? What will you risk to find out the truth?

Sorry, James is non-linear story-driven puzzle game which takes unusual step on storytelling. You will discover plot through dialogues of two strangers and learn a tale about James, whose role is to decrypt files containing that chat. Along with creepy thriller and conspiracy atmosphere, there is the unique game mechanic that reminds mix of Sudoku and Minesweeper-like gameplay.


All started with “GR1D” (initial name) - abstract minimalist 2D puzzle with flat-style graphics.

First iteration of development started in December 2016. Cute flat-styled design, core puzzle gameplay and levels was done in 2 months. After submitting a game to Steam Greenlight and not getting approval in more than 60 days, releasing “GR1D”, as it was, was very questionable thing to do. Game was ok, but not great. That wasn’t a project Konstructors team wanted to release. Something needed to be changed. Project was frozen.

Winter and Spring was difficult period for all of us. After unsuccessful attempts to finish and release few mobile games, team returned back to PC. That was really hard times for all members, in both financial and psychological ways. One of us was trying to get through hard relationship break up. He was struggling with his emotions expression. The fact, that he brought some of them into “Sorry, James”, helped him a lot.

Having a huge list of awesome ideas, it was really hard to chose that one, which we can bring to life in 5 months period. But we did it. We made a plan and wanted to stick with it. Tried to.

“Linkage”. The project got so desirable greenlit in one week. It was gorgeous first-person story-driven puzzle game. Many positive feedbacks from everywhere. But we got an issue - we had just one demo level and brain full of ideas we want to bring into life. We couldn’t wait for 6 months.

“Death maze”. Our first shot in action genre, looked very easy to release, but turned out to be very hard project to get greenlit.

Mobile port of “Wayout”. 6 months.

Game after game. Disappointment after disappointment. We wanted to make a game we and people can talk about. Life consists of stories. We needed one. A good one.

At first, we took our “GR1D” core mechanics and wrapped up it with rich non-linear plot. Game story is full of real-life references, conversations and plot twists. Real photos of developers was used for game characters profile pictures. Girl on logo, Eliza, one of the main plot roles - game artist’s girlfriend.

Previous name transformed into "Sorry, James", named after the main protagonist.

Cold War. Mid-age hacker, working in huge technological company specialised in weaponry field. All you have is your old computer with eye-bleeding screen. All that you breath is yours colleague cigarette smoke. No sun, no light, no friends. And atmosphere full of secrets and conspiracy.

Old PC interfaces was chosen as main reference for new art direction. Along with retro sound design - computer fans noise, motherboard beeps & boops, keyboards clicks - they create tense retro thriller atmosphere.

Second iteration started in Summer 2017. After 4 months of intensive hard work, at November 10, "Sorry, James" was released.


  • STORY. Witness non-usual storytelling, which revolves around hacking a love story.
  • DIALOGUES. Based on a chat with real people, psychology researches, and real-life conversations.
  • VISUAL. Dive into office atmosphere with elements of a thriller in retro style graphics.
  • GAMEPLAY. Unique puzzle experience mix inspired by Sudoku and Minesweeper.
  • LEVELS. Half a hundred levels that will satisfy both hardcore and casual players with up to 3-6 hours of gameplay.


download all media assets as .zip (51MB)


download all media assets as .zip (51MB)


download all media assets as .zip (51MB)

download all media assets as .zip (51MB)

Sorry, James Credits

Nestor Yavorskyy
Art & SFX

Igor Beker

Pavlo Tutevych
Game design

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks